Friday, March 16, 2012


From the AMAZING Phage Tapes!

PT:171 Griz+zlor “Black Summer” 2xc62
Edition of 90 copies in side by side Norelco cases. The cover is a 3 color screen print with the first layer of ink being flat black, second layer being clear gloss and third layer a metallic black. The design is the abstract layering of Paul Dever. The cassettes are spray painted green and stamped with a hand made lino cut.
Here Griz+zlor supplies the last HNW release for the project. Black Summer is a slow low end rumble of the dark days that have past.For maximum effect play at extremely loud volume.

i'll have a deluxe edition available with a book soon. i will not be trading unfortunately, so if your not interested in the book please order or send trade requests to phage tapes...

And with this release, i mark the end of an era and the END of the GRIZ+ZLOR mission...
i will continue under my own and a few other monickers here!