Thursday, May 24, 2012

DHUSK s/t Review

A new review popped up on Musique Machine for this s/t cassette, i still have a few left, so when my life becomes a bit more stable, i'll make sure to post that they're available. More than likely i'll make them available when the Andreas Brandel tape is comes out from IMPERIAL.NOIR. This was another tape that got EX-CELL-ENT reviews, but sold/traded so little. I think it has more to do with the sign of the times than anything else.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Life as HNW, HNW as Life

As in, things are moving slowly, a slight shift is ahead hopefully, i really need to finish up the books on the last GRIZ+ZLOR release, the books are about 50 pages, and i got QUITE a bit more copies than i expected from the always excellent Phage Tapes. Other than that my main release for the year is upcoming, and unless your one of the lucky 11 on the HNW 12 month tape trade, you really have no hope of hearing save on bandcamp after the entire year is done, or maybe we discussed putting them on the HNW graveyard? I can't recall really, but it brings me to a thought i had on releasing stuff.

I always struggle with the "hype" i create as an artist for my work, not only because i HATE the idea of being a salesman, but more along the lines of how much do i tell someone as to my intent, and how much do i leave a mystery for them to piece on their own. I really want people to look deeper and find things on their own, as i usually put quite a bit of thought into the releases i do. I'm only really pondering this now as i'm working on the art for the 12 month tape trade, and the central image, at it's base core is a physical object. This object was originally made a VERY particular way, and it's that very core idea that has influenced how the audio was created. When i unleash it (July), i'll post the art here and when the trade is completely over, i'll post the links to the audio, both on bandcamp and if it is indeed posted to the HNW Graveyard.

In other news a review on last summers Glaciating 1 popped up on Memory Wave Transmission. I am very proud of this release, so much so, that after the first 4 copies of the double cassette were gone, i started to feel guilty that only four people heard it. So i re-imagined it as 2 single cassette releases to maybe get a little more exposure, especially catering to the "sometimes" HNW consumer. I even sent out copies to be reviewed, something i haven't done since the noise days. Yet STILL after all that work less than 20 copies total were produced. That includes the original 4 double cassettes, AND 5 sets sent to reviewers. The reviews were pretty positive though, so i guess you can't really determine worth by units moved, as i think this is definitely one of the best releases i ever put together....