Tuesday, August 14, 2012


A few more reviews popped up recently, the first from Memory Wave Transmission, concerning last summer's Glaciating 2. The next review just popped up on Musique Machine, highlighting the "swan song" from the GRIZ+ZLOR project, Black Summer put out by the ALWAYS excellent Phage Tapes.
I'll have my copies with the the extra book available sometime before the apocalypse, but if you can't wait, buy it from Phage and e-mail me and i'll make sure you have the ability to buy a copy of the book when it is available.

here is also the crucial blast web shop blurb on the release:
"According to the label, this is the final release from Griz+zlor after six years of activity, signing off with two hour long cassettes filled with the sort of murky, tectonic HNW that this project has primarily worked with. Black Summer Each side of the spray painted tapes features a different track (titled, in order: "A Coffin Full Of Hope", "Paint It Black", "Always Wear A Smile", "Last Gasp") that evokes the general macabre atmosphere that tends to cling to Griz+zlor's recordings. I haven't listened to a whole lot of this project's recordings, but what I have heard has been very consistent in how impenetrably bleak these noise-walls sound, and the material on this set is no different. For over a half-hour, you are enveloped in a distant washed-out rumble of corroded low-end drone, similar to the sound of an airliner roaring through a storm in the middle of the night, or the colossal reverberations of whole cities collapsing into the earth as heard from ten miles away. Compared to a lot of the harsh noise wall material that I listen to, this is borderline ambient. In fact, I can't think of anyone else in the "HNW" field right now that sounds as subdued and as minimalist as Griz+zlor does on this set, although as with any quality HNW, immersive listening at high volume and/or with the use of headphones will reveal some ominous-sounding activity obscured by the vast murky avalanche-drone, mainly in the form of eerie foghorn-like tones and minor key chordal movement that occurs way, way out on the periphery of the sound. All in all, though, the sprawling pitch-black rumblescape offered here is meditative, even relaxing, if you're the sort that finds your self zoning out to the sound of black locomotives rumbling through the twilight and the distant roar of an all-devouring maelstrom. These tapes are perfect for late-night mind-blot, capturing nothing else than the pure sound of dissolution and collapse, the minute roar of decomposition magnified a thousand times, the writhing of maggots on a corpse rotting in the July sun amplified into a hypnotic hum of absolute disintegration. 
The package design for this tape set fits these minimal black noisescapes perfectly, housing the cassettes in an oversized jewel case with a large j-card cover screen printed with murky black and green ink on both sides, the ink layered in such a way that some of the black print almost seems to have a varnish-like quality to it. Very cool. Limited to ninety copies."

The FIRST release under my name went out earlier this week, but unless you were one of the lucky eleven from the HNW tape swap you won't hear it for a while i'm afraid, that is until i sort out what i am going to do with the bandcamp situation....

As far as future releases go, there will probably be radio silence until the new year, unless you are from the philadelphia area, then you might just stumble upon something...

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